Emily Gillcoat

Web Developer

I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Computational Mathematics. I moved to North Carolina to work for IBM <blah blah blah...boring stuff about hardware simulators here> and eventually moved on to a Smalltalk group doing <blah blah blah...boring stuff about router configuration here>. I left for Broadband Technologies where I was the Lead Developer of the Smalltalk User Interface and Gemstone Database code. Now I have found my niche in HTML/CSS moving pixels and creating wonderful websites.

I am an expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP. I have worked on small to large websites. I have written responsive websites from scratch and converted old static websites to be responsive. I have written content management systems with PHP/mySQL. I understand cross-browser compatibility issues and all the trouble IE6 can cause. I write clean, standards-compliant code that is easy to maintain. I am excited about the possiblities that HTML5 and CSS3 (font-face rocks!) are bringing to the web development world.

I created my own framework that enables me to rapidly develop websites. My framework uses the Two-Step View Pattern for the layout. In this pattern a template file defines the header, navigation, footer, and other common areas of a website. The unique content for each page is then included. .htaccess handles the redirects and makes the urls pretty. Mach 9 used this frame work for all websites that did not use cakePHP, Wordpress, or ExpressionEngine.

Please view my resume and portfolio. My portfolio page shows the websites I have worked on along with the skills I used for each. Links to the live or development site are included.

References are available upon request.

Programming disciplines I am passionate about

  1. OOP

    MVC in particular.

  2. Separation of data (database) and framework (html) and presentation (css) and behavior (javascript)

    And good heavens, don't put your mysql querys in my UI.

  3. Easy to use, consistent and accessible user interfaces
  4. "Dumb" user interfaces

    Don't make my UI do things (like sort lists) that are faster in the database.

  5. Writing code the right way instead of the quick way

    It may take longer in the beginning to factor out a piece of code to be reused, but copy and pasting the same piece of code multiple places is a maintanence nightmare.

  6. Use cases

    Actually, documentation of any kind.

  7. Semantic html

    Tables are for tabular data.

  8. Scalability

    Just because your website works fine with one user logged in doesn't mean it won't choke when 1000 are logged in.

  9. Performance

    Smart performance, in particular. There is no reason to optimize CSS selectors if all the images are huge.

  10. Smart SEO

    Keeping the balance of user experience and SEO can be tricky. Just say No! to keyword stuffing.

  11. Google Map APIs

    Just becasue they're fun.

  12. Favicons

    Every website deserves a favicon!

I have experience in

  • html 5 / html 4.01 / xhtml 1.0
  • css3 / css2 / sass
  • responsive websites
  • javascript / jQuery
  • php
  • mySQL
  • homegrown CMS
  • xml
  • ajax
  • google map api v2/v3
  • cross browser issues
  • git
  • vagrant
  • gulp / grunt

Frameworks I have used

  • kohana
  • perch cms
  • wordpress
  • bootstrap
  • modx
  • silverstripe
  • cakePHP
  • expressionEngine
  • codeIgniter

I have written a form module for Kohana to create form/label pair wrapped in a div. It is lightweight, easy to use, and makes creating forms much easier. You can download my PHP code, view the source and see an example here.