Emily Gillcoat

Web Developer

Professional Experience

Freelance Web Developer


December 2008 - Present

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HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Kohana, mySQL, Geolocation, HTML5 Video, Perch CMS

My freelance projects have included: converting old static websites into responsive sites, turning PhotoShop Documents into HTML/CSS, full-fledged web applications written in Kohana PHP, Wordpress sites, Google Map applications, Perch and ModX CMS sites, one very old Classic ASP (!) ecommerce site, and various straight-up websites.

I enjoy learning new technologies and love working on all sorts of projects large and small. I have a good understanding of SEO strategies and try to keep up with Google's latest indexing trends.

Senior Web Developer

Mindworks Multimedia

November 2009 - January 2012

HTML 4.01, CSS, jQuery, kohana, modx, silverstripe, mySQL

I was in charge of all things web related at Mindworks Multimedia from creating and maintaining websites, web interfaces for multimedia projects, and domain, web, and email administration.

Web Developer

BCBSNC - Web Office

February 2009 - April 2009
August 2009 - November 2009

HTML 4.01, CSS, jQuery

I wrote the presentation layer code for a redesign of one of BCBSNC online products. I created standards compliant HTML templates that are easily reused. I expanded their CSS design patterns and helped make them work across all browsers. I wrote a custom jQuery validation framework that is flexible, portable, and easily expandable.

Senior Web Developer

Mach 9 Consulting

July 2007 - December 2008

HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, CSS, PHP, Javascript, CakePHP, mySQL, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, SVN, Basecamp, OOP, MVC

As Senior Web Developer, I specialized in HTML/CSS portions of the websites we developed. I am a big proponent of the separation of data (html), presentation (css), and behavior (javascript). I understand the cross-browser compatibility issues and all the trouble IE6 can cause. I created an html/css framework that reduces cross-browser problems and enables me to quickly create websites. I am knowledgeable in PHP and often use it to generate repetitive HTML code.

Software Engineer


February 1998 - February 2000

221x Router Configuration Tool

VisualWorks Smalltalk, Envy

Designed, coded, and tested graphical user interface tool to configure the 221x routers.

Software Engineer

Broadband Technologies

November 1995 - December 1996

Video Administration Module 1100

Smalltalk, Envy, Gemstone Database - Administration, Code, Topaz Scripts, Customer Support

Owned User Interface code - did troubleshooting, bug fixes, and performance and usability enhancements. Designed, coded, and tested new requirements from customers.

Software Engineer


July 1994 - November 1995

221x Router Configuration Tool

VisualWorks Smalltalk, Envy

Designed, coded, and tested graphical user interface tool to configure the 221x routers. Developed the SNMP portion of the tool to read and write router configurations to the MIB.

Software Engineer


July 1989 - July 1994

NCP 3745 Hardware Simulator Programmer

PLX, VisualWorks Smalltalk, Envy

Designed, coded, and tested 3745 hardware simulator protocols including X.25, Frame Relay, and IP.


  • Michigan State University 1989
  • Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics